Traveling is great. A world tour much better. First of all, you dream of the spirit of optimism, the courage to visit any desired location on your own. Then the time has finally come: You are on the plane, are incredibly excited and just happy. You arrive at your first destination and your dream of […]

Jet through the rice fields of Asia with a scooter — a fantastic feeling. Or a short cruise to the supermarket for a few snacks for the evening. Driving a scooter is something fine and quite practical. But especially tourists in Asia are advised not to ride a scooter. Not without a reason, of course. Traffic […]

Many people who like to travel in the social media community call themselves “travellers”. Aha. Clever. So am I a traveller, too? Yeah yes. I finally travel. But a tourist does that too. Where are the differences? And why do we even discuss it? 3+

When I told someone that I’m going on a mini world trip, almost everyone asked: “Wow, how can you afford this trip? I would never have enough money for this.” First of all: I had no money. During my studies at the end of the month, there was no Euro on my account that I […]

Two months before the start of my trip I asked: “Google, what do I need for a trip around the world?” Ha. Every guide told me to start planning at least half a year in advance. Aha. Definitely in time Fiona. The only thing I’ve been concerned before were the countries I wanted to travel […]

With a 21 kilogram piece of luggage through different climatic zones – this sounds definitely not easy. My backpack was already filled to the top for 23 days in Bali and has just fallen below the upper limit of the approved weight. After all, I really needed at that time a fifth of the clothes – so the […]