Have you ever been alone in a honeymoon vacation on a dream island? I tested it. You can definitely do it. After my week on the Perhentians, the island feeling grabbed me again and I traveled further along the east coast of Malaysia. 2+

I never thought that I would find my personal dream islands in Malaysia. Malaysia was initially only intended for me as a short stopover – is more or less on the way from Thailand to Singapore. And then I immediately fell in love with the colorful cultural diversity and the wonderfully open and helpful people. […]

Penang is an island in the north of Malaysia – however I did not live the typical beach-lying-and-chilling-island-feeling here. I was only on the beach once for lunch. Because Penang offers so much more! 2+

Kuala Lumpur was my first stop in Malaysia. Sure, you should definitely visit the capital. I had booked a direct flight from Bangkok to KL. When I arrived at the airport, I was immediately able to get to know the advantages of an Asian low-cost airline: The flight was canceled. The machine is broken. Haa, […]