Doesn’t everyone have their own bucket list with things to experience or achieve? On Oahu, Hawaii, I was able to tick off two points directly. First: I made it to Hawaii. Check. Second: Open door helicopter tour of Oahu. Check. 7+

Aloha! A dream came true when I finally arrived in Honolulu after a 10 hours flight from Melbourne! I did it. Not for my honeymoon or a wedding shoot. Nope. Just a short stopover before my trip to California. It’s on the way, so why not stopping? 4+

Get ready and prepare yourself for completely new culinary highlights with that certain Aloha feeling! Traditional Hawaiian dishes, sweet pastries, the best shrimp food truck, macadamia nuts and pretty cafes. Welcome to the taste of paradise! 7+

Oahu is the perfect spot for everyone who loves adventure in their vacation and especially for the sporty ones who like cycling, climbing or hiking. The island also offers easier hikes for beginners, families or just more relaxed half-day tours. 3+