Happy you’re here!

I’m Fiona, 26 years old and I come from a small village near Aachen in Germany. In 2019, I made my dream come true and traveled the world alone. Why alone? Long story short: I wanted to discover the world together with my boyfriend at the time. Three months before the planned start, I suddenly stood in front of 37 post-it stickers on which our dream destinations were written as a single woman.

Alright. Then it will be a solo trip … Let’s be honest. It wasn’t that easy. But after shedding tears of buckets and a new beautiful backpack from my mom and dad for Christmas I was ready to go on this trip.

This is not a blog a la Eat Pray Love (by the way: great movie to take a bath into lovesick self-pity). I have not traveled the world to find myself or the greatest love of all. I want to share my experiences honestly with you. The good and the bad ones. Maybe I can give you tips to avoid the bad experiences. I want to awaken your desire to travel with wonderful sandy beaches and inspire you with fascinating stories just to enjoy.

Blogposts about

// Inspiration for special places & experiences
// Practical travel tips
// Suggestions for your personal goosebumps moments

10 Facts about me

1 | I like to talk. A lot and very quickly.

2 | My favorite food is spaghetti bolognese.

3 | I’m a bit messy. Sorry to anyone I’ve ever shared a hostel room with, or will share.

4 | There must be a lot of cocoa powder on a good cappuccino.

5 | My friends describe me officially as Christmas addicted. All the year long. Yes, I also dream of mulled wine in June.

6 | Favorite series: Sherlock Holmes

7 | I hate the smell of vinegar-based cleaners.

8I love the old, original Disney movies.

9 | Daily Planner, To Do Lists, Calendar […] I’m a list person and feel really good when I can tick off my tasks!

10 | On the last flight of my trip around the world, I left my entire travel organizer at JFK Airport in New York. Bye ID, driver’s license, credit card and vaccination card. And I thought it would make sense to store all documents in one place on the last flight.