Breakups are terrible. You want to stay in bed forever, spend all your money on tissues and spend more time on your ex-partner’s Instagram account than on your own. Everyone who has ever had lovesickness knows this. Your world is collapsing. 8+

“You travel alone?” – Jap. “As a woman ???” – Jap. Correctly identified. I have boobs and a vagina. At the beginning of my trip, this lack of understanding from other travellers or locals really unsettled me. Of course, this kind of question helps a lot when you are really afraid to go alone. #ironieoff […]

If I’m already in Thailand, I would also like to learn to meditate or immerse myself in the monastic life of the monks. Those who know me well have only smiled at my plan to live in a silent monastery for 10 days. Yes. I love to talk. A lot! But believe me: the silence […]