The Thais celebrate the New Year’s Day on January 1st just like we do. The traditional New Year doesn’t take place until the middle of April from April 13th. – April 15th. Fresh from my stay in the silent monastery I was able to experience the most famous wet festival in Thailand on Koh Tao. […]

After three days in the chaos of Bangkok, I went to the mountainous north of Thailand: Chiang Mai. The second largest city in Thailand offers historical, cultural diversity, a lot of attractions but at the same time relaxation and peace. 2+

If I’m already in Thailand, I would also like to learn to meditate or immerse myself in the monastic life of the monks. Those who know me well have only smiled at my plan to live in a silent monastery for 10 days. Yes. I love to talk. A lot! But believe me: the silence […]